Occupation: Healer
Gender: Female
Age: 26

She was given to TorrBier by his friend for safeguarding her as her father was suffering from a terrible disease. While living with TorrBier she came across Elpura, who has taught her about brewing potion. She has her own shop where she sells potions just like her adopted sister Elpura.
Potions Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
3Welcome. I am Bentren.No ConditionLunita1510060
206We need Leaf of Polk.16-26Lunita80257000150
207Let's go to Vemerden.No ConditionLunita91507000160
315Lunita had a father.50-70Lunita4250030000390
342Skull of a Sonos70-100Lunita9000060000480
349The devilish evil spirits!No ConditionLunita10408150000600
366Markarn, EthmarkarnNo ConditionLunita6000040000384
367The last one is BurtasNo ConditionLunita15000085000510
383A monster that bewitches humans90-120Lunita5565030000540
396Have I done something wrong to Lunita?No ConditionLunita15000090000660
406Last projectNo ConditionLunita150000110000750
408The mutation of the evil spirits70-100Lunita8800050000480
434Heart of Lalon110-140Lunita5550020000480
501The fang and stone heart that calls their companions.25-40Lunita3334210000240
504Polk and plonitz16-26Lunita8587300090
733Heart of water120-155Lunita11100040000620
734Heart of fireNo ConditionLunita15000045000630
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