In the age of Silver, Rubal was hiding in Temoz with Laisherd to avoid the punishment of Rabellu. It is nicknamed the home of warriors. A mountainous terrain surrounded by coniferous trees, Temoz used to be famous for its wood craftsmanship to such an extent that it supplied wood to the entire Helmash region, but as the war burned up many of the wood carpenter's shop and coniferous forests, it's nothing more than a story to be told by grandfathers. The active volcano, Lavart, lies to the north of the Temoz Wolfreck region including the Wolfreck region in front of Castle Temoz. The Skel river starting from the ridge of Mt. Lavart is to the northwest of Temoz, and the Paral river branching from the Skel river embraces Temoz from the west and south. From the north to the east a rugged rocky mountain named Mt. Ravak is blocking Temoz, and you can cross the Skel river to Vemerden, the hunting ground in the marshland hunting ground, and cross the Paral river to Carode, the hunting ground in the desert.
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