Beginner Guide
Game Interface

1. HP / MP

The Health and Mana Gauges are on the upper left corner of the screen.

Health Potion (HP) gauge

The Red Gauge shows the players remaining health. It is reduced when the player is attacked. The character dies if the HP reached '0'. Hence the players need to regenerate their health by having enough stock of HP potions and pressing the '1' or 'F1' key.

Mana Potion (MP) gauge

The Blue Gauge shows the players remaining Mana or Magic Potions. Player can not use skills, if Mana is "0" Players must use "2" or "F2" button to recharge Gauge.

Restocking Potions

A3 uses a system of HP/MP potions in liquid form to recharge these attributes. These potions are stocked in "canteens" which can be bought at the village Healer NPCs.

2. Shue Gauge

Shue HP Gauge

The top bar indicates the health status of the cyber pet or "Shue". Press "3" to recharge, keep in mind that the player needs to have enough stock of HP potions.

Shue SP Gauge

The middle or grey bar indicates the "hunger" status of the Shue. Shues must be fed at least once a week in. To feed the Shue, buy Shue feed from the Healer (Yellow Canister). If the Shue SP bar touches "0" the Shue dies and can only be resurrected by using a Shue Resurrection Potion which can be bought at the nearest Healer.

Shue Experience Gauge

The third gauge - yellow in colour, indicates the status of the Shue's current level. When the bar reaches the other end a level is gained.

3. Quick Skill Slot

The Quick Skill Slot is used for placing and activating commonly used skill. More info on how to use the Quick Skill slot is given in the Game Play section.

These shortcut keys are designated as 4-9. When the appropriate shortcut key is pressed, the corresponding spell/skill is activated. On using the right mouse click the spell is cast. By pressing Ctrl-S it is possible to assign 6 additional Hotkey Bar slots which can be toggled.

4. Minimap

The minimap is used to locate the position of the player with respect to his surroundings. The name of the Map is in the top bar. Below this the relative coordinates of the player are displayed. The player itself is displayed by a red triangle, indicating the location of the player and the direction in which he is facing. The shortcut key to open / close the Minimap is "P". The green circle / warp points, indicates exit and entry points to move from one map to the next map.

5. Experience Bar

At the lowest part of the interface, the current experience percentage at any given level is displayed by a yellow bar. On hunting, the experience bar will rise every time a kill is made depending on the experience level given by that particular creep / monster. Experience is also gained by performing Quests. When the bar reaches 100%, the player rises to next level. Experience can also become negative, but without de-leveling the player. This happens in case of frequent deaths. The player has to then compensate for the negative experience before the bar reaches the zero marker again.

6. Menu Bar

Click on the Icon below for more info

7. HP / MP Potions

In the bottom right corner, the deep-red color vial shows the current amount of HP Potions that the player is carrying. The deep-blue color vial shows the current amount of MP Potions that the player is carrying.

As the player consumes these (by pressing 1 or F1 for HP Regen and 2 or F2 for MP Regen and 3 or F3 for Regen HP of Shue) the quantity potions carrying will reduce.

8. Chat Window

In the bottom right is the chat window. Players can chat to one another or just message in general using this.

The buttons with the roman numbers on the left side - I, II, III - Are used as Filter options. To modifiy these options Press ! button on the bottom right of the chat interface.

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