Beginner Guide
Giving Items / Trading

Inter Player Trading

Players can trade items and money between each other through a safe a secure method using the Trading option.

Follow the steps below to learn how to trade

Step 1

Press Alt and Left-click the player you wish to trade with. A set of 6 images within a box appear. Click on the first image (an image of coins)which represents 1:1 trade.

Step 2

The player with whom you wish to trade will receive a request from you. If he agrees to Trade with you the Trading window as shown below will open. To begin trade, Click on an item from your inventory. The item is picked up by your mouse pointer. Then move it to the trade window. Click again to drop the item.

Also wait for your trading player to drag and drop any item, in case you are exchanging items.

Once you and the other player have finished placing the items for exchange/trade, click on the Confirm List. Once both of you press the Confirm Button. The Trade button will appear. Click this to finish the trade.

If you wish to cancel the trade press the Cancel button.

Alternate Method

  • Open your Inventory Window (Press I).
  • Click on the item from your inventory that you want to give to another player.
  • Move the item over the player. The click again.
  • A message window will open asking if you wish to deliver this item to that player.
  • Click ok to confirm or Cancel to stop.
Note: In this Method you can give an item to another player for free. There is no trading involved.

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