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Shues are little birds that hover around the player, blessing him/her with additional perks. However, like any cyber pet, you need to take care of them. Feed them as they get hungry, heal them as they get hurt, and they'll be your most trustworthy companion.

There are 4 types of Shues, one for each class of character in A3:

Warrior's Mai, Mage's Seal, Holy Knight's Widipol, and Archer's Sylpid.
  • Shues go through a 5 stage evolution. It starts off as an egg.
  • To hatch it, you will need to advance its level to 5
  • Every 10 levels will initiate a growth in the Shue.

Shues will gain experience point and level up as you hunt and kill the monsters in A3. It will gain experience for every monster you kill. Your Shues' level cannot exceed your characters' current level thus it will not gain any more experience points until you level up to the next level.

A Shue needs to be equipped in order for you to take advantage of its additional features.

Keeping your Shue alive

Each successful enemy attack will decrease your Shue's Hit Point. You can heal the Shue by pressing 3 or "F3" on your keyboard to use a HP (Red) potion from your existing inventory.

The Shues' SP Gauge is equivalent to a hunger gauge of 10080. This keeps the Shue alive for 1 Week in REAL TIME not in-game playing time. It decreases by 1 every minute and when it reaches 0, your Shue will die of hunger. To replenish the Shue's SP Gauge, purchase a Shue Feed from the Healer NPC in town. Each feed will last your Shue a week in real time.

Shue Feed could be purchased from Healer NPC and would cost 2 Woonz per Unit. A single unit of Shue Feed could be used to reduce the Hunger of any Shue by 100%.

To feed a hungry shue with Shue Feed, Open you Inventory Window and then click and drop the Shue Feed on the Hungry Shue. Alternatively you could right click on the Shue to automatically feed it with a Shue Feed from your Inventory.

Revive a dead Shue

If your Shue dies, you will need to purchase a Shue Resurrection Potion from the Healer NPC to revive it.

The Beginner's quest, when u start a new character, leads to an NPC that rewards your character with a Shue Resurrection potion. As these potions aren't cheap (200,000 WZ), this will be a good way to obtain your first potion just in case it dies.

After purchasing a Shue Resurrection Potion, Open your Inventory window, click on the Shue Potion and then click on the Perished Shue. Your shue will be revived again with 100% HP and 100% SP (Hunger).

Please note that you cannot Revive a Shue that is currently Equipped. Hence, first unequippe the Shue and then Revive it.

After you have revived your shue, the Resurrection potion will vanish and the shue will be revived.

More on Shues

Shue Bar

Shues have a starting amount of 30 HP (Health Points)

  • Every 3 levels, Shues' HP increases by 1.
  • Each successful enemy attack will decrease the Shue's HP by 1.
  • Depending on your character's and monsters' level, your Shue will have a % of evading attacks.
  • You can heal the Shue by pressing 3.
  • Every 1 min, SP reduces by 1. When it reaches 0, your Shue will die.
  • To replenish the Shue's SP Gauge, purchase a Shue Feed from the Healer NPC.
  • To resurrect a dead Shue, purchase a Shue Resurrection Potion from the Healer NPC.
  • Shues will gain experience points for every monster killed.
  • If the monsters' level is too low, your Shue will not gain any exp.
  • A shue will not be able to gain experience if its level is higher then the character's.
Shue Options

Options are perks that your Shue bless your characters with.
There are two types of Options for Shues - Basic and Additional

  • Increase Attack Power (initial value is 1)
  • Increase Defense Power (initial value is 1)
  • Increase EXP gaining rate (initial value is 5%)
  • Increase Ice Attack Power (initial value is 1)
  • Increase Ice Resistance (initial value is 1)
  • Increase Fire Attack Power (initial value is 1)
  • Increase Fire Resistance (initial value is 1)
  • Increase Lightning Attack Power (initial value is 1)
  • Increase Lightning Resistance (initial value is 1)
  • Basic options' value increases by 1 on every Shue level up (except EXP gaining rate)
  • EXP gaining rate option's value increases by 1% every 5 levels. (Max Value is 15%)
  • Additional options gain a value increase every 5 levels. (Max Value is 21)


For beginners... the default egg that you get does not have any special powers, so no point in raising it. Sell it and buy new Shue from the NPCs. Play for sometime till you can afford to buy a new egg. Ensure that the egg you buy from the Identifier NPC is for your class. The new egg will have at least one or 2 special powers depending upon your luck.

For advanced players: At your character level 30 and level 60 you can equip new eggs which will have more special options. You need to buy these from the NPCs again. Keep changing your shue at these levels or else you will be stuck with a mediocre Shue at high levels. You need to keep gambling at the Shue seller till you get these eggs. So make sure u have a lot of Woonz (Wz).

Shue XP Trick: At Level 30 and 60 you should be using new eggs with more special powers. But you should not discard or sell or give away your old shue, which would have advanced to a significant level by then. Especially the one with +%experience as you can use both the new and the old to benefit your char. Do the following

While hunting mount the egg to help it gain levels. But while finishing quest back in town unmount egg or low level new shue and mount old bigger shue with more +% experience option. And then go to the respective NPC to complete quest and get quest XP. This way your Quest XP will be boosted by your old shues +% xp. And replace egg again after taking new quest and going for hunting. Keep doing this till your new shue reaches the same level as your old shue. Then keep it or sell it or give it away.

Super Shue

A Super Shue is the result of breeding 2 shues. The newly bred Super Shue will have both the parents' options and will have an additional option for "Critical attack". It is possible to breed 2 shues of different classes into a super shue of either of the parents' class

Breeding Super Shue

To breed a Super Shue, the 2 parent shues have to be of level 100. An Item Identifier NPC can breed your 2 level 100 shues into a Super Shue. A Super Shue will start from level 1 again after being bred. There is no level requirement to equip a Super Shue.

More information about a Super Shue could be found in the Advanced Guides.

Quick leveling or Boosting Shue Experience

Neridyar - Purple Flower

The following increases equipped Shue's experience. It can only be obtained from killing monsters. Right-click on the Neridyar to use it.

Neryidar (S)

Increases Shue Experience by 5
Sell Price: 500

Neryidar (M)

Increases Shue Experience by 25
Sell Price: 500

Neryidar (L)

Increases Shue Experience by 50
Sell Price: 500

Neryidar (G)

Increases Shue Experience by 2500
Buy Price: 10,000,000

Shue Resurrection Potion

Revives a Perished shue
Buy Price: 200,000

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