It is the battlefield where the armies of the legendary emperors, Rubal and Rabellu, fought fiercely against each other. There used to be a thick forest and beautiful nature here, but after the bloody war, it turned into a desert with short trees seen once in a while. The Paral river branching from the Skell river wraps around Carode from left to right and merges with the sea, and there is a rugged rocky mountain at the boundary with Quanato. At the center of Carode is a huge 'Mark of Devil', and huge stone statues are lined along the road above it. To the southeast of this 'Mark of Devil' there is the grave of books where Rabellu buried all characters and books, and a sand tower. So a corrosive sandy wind is always swirling around here. To the north and south, there is a strange-looking rock called Harpy. As the wind passes the hole in the rock, some say that it makes strange music, but others say that Harpys gather together on the rock to sing. To the west of Carrod, there is a crescent estuary of the moving river whose color looks drab as if it were composed of a mixture of blood and mud. Beyond the estuary there is an oasis, the only source of water, and the entrance to the underground tomb, Clarb.
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