If you leave the city of Temoz with Castle Temoz located just below the active volcano, Lavart, for the Wolfreck region, you will pass the ruins of the Wolfreck family and arrive at the burial site of the warriors who lost their lives in the battle against gods. To the left of the burial site lies the muddy ground where there is the wooden bridge of Dhamurr. In the center of the city is Yakra, the eerie-looking tree, to which people prayed for the success of those going to war. To the southwest of this tree are the entrance to Rangdel, the underground city, and the wretched remains of a carpenter's shop reminding us of Temoz that used to be a town of woodcraft. Next to the carpenter's shop is the resting place called the 'Mark of Devil' battlefield where there are the coniferous trees that used to keep the carpenter's shop going, and the warm bonfire. It is called so because a lot of 'Mark of Devil' were left after the war.
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