Selvarb Ground Floor
Selvarb is a stalactite cave where limewater flows, and connected to Vemerden, the marshland hunting ground. If you enter Selvarb from Vemerden, you will see the deep swamp, the lair of Muddian, and three springs contaminated with poisons. As the cave was created by nature, not because humans needed it, it looks like a maze inside, and there are blood fruit trees in there. The huge blood fruit tree is a strange tree that takes root in the intestines of a dead person and bears fruit. Light-emitting stones, scattered here and there, light up in the darkness, but as the inside is a maze and numerous underground organisms fly around in groups at once when people are present, they disturb your eyes and ears. So even those who are familiar with the cave are scared out of their wits and often get lost. On the first floor, there is Phroon, a spring contaminated by the poison of the blood fruit tree and Hell Vonoy, and Elma, a forest of crystal-shaped stones that glitter. At first glance, Elma looks like crystal, but in reality it is composed of floating parasitic organisms feeding on stalactites. On the 2nd floor where there is the misty waterfall, there is the levitating rock, Uhrbha, Rhea that helps warriors who cannot move as they are cursed, and passing warriors to recover, and Kathna, the huge sword, of unimaginable proportions.
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