Occupation: Identifier
Gender: Male
Age: 42

He is very greedy and fat person who gave up on his wife in order to get more money. He can easily trick others to get money for him without them ever realizing it.
Armors Sold
Rings/Necklaces Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
1Welcome to Temoz!No ConditionPetbren1510060
2Lunita, a hussyNo ConditionPetbren1510060
69Bore a big hole at the entrance to Carode.30-55Petbren123491800030
70Let's go inside Carode.No ConditionPetbren136422000036
71You must be crazy, kukadon!No ConditionPetbren5851400039
72An advance to ClarbNo ConditionPetbren7234800044
212Petbren's request30-39Petbren127508000210
213Heart of Dugusu....No ConditionPetbren2085010000220
214Give Fire Arrows to Petbren.No ConditionPetbren2302510000230
313Tooth of Yatake50-70Petbren6500040000390
314The Fur of Demeratone this time?No ConditionPetbren6000040000390
318The greed of Petbren50-70Petbren12000050000600
357Very popular! The Finger of Sonos70-110Petbren9000060000480
358To make the Necklace of WisdomNo ConditionPetbren7000040000480
359Making the Clarz.No ConditionPetbren18000045000660
360In order to make the decoration of courageNo ConditionPetbren8000050000390
361Spienagel, the material used to make the decoration of courageNo ConditionPetbren5000030000300
362Hart this timeNo ConditionPetbren13390070000450
363Rignasil, the material that causes anxietyNo ConditionPetbren200000100000750
364The Earrings of RepletionNo ConditionPetbren6285080000510
365Making the MarkineNo ConditionPetbren15000050000600
412The Branch of Dark Polk70-100Petbren150000100000600
438Hell Yatakes, stronger than normal Yatakes110-140Petbren16650060000660
505Cauldron of Grayhag13-23Petbren6975200080
624Looking for the treasure30-45Petbren750010000100
705The rumor5-38Petbren3500500064
706No trouble hunting polks...No ConditionPetbren5350500080
707No trouble hunting ravaks...No ConditionPetbren10600900090
708No trouble hunting dugusus...No ConditionPetbren1390011000200
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